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Science Matrix
With integrated assessment and built-in universal accessibility, ScienceMatrix gives you a new and more effective teaching tool to add to your science classroom. Integrated modules closely align with the middle- and secondary-level science curriculum you are already working with. Each module takes full advantage of current technology to help you teach science better and to provide students with hands-on activities that will help them understand even the most challenging topics.

Math & The Cosmos
Make connections with your students by blending studies of astronomy, mathematics, physics, and mythology in an enriching environment. Activities include calculating distances to the stars, using coordinates to chart stars, and learning how the Egyptians aligned pyramids with the constellations. Lessons cover graphing, angles, scientific notation, trigonometry,star charts and much more. This stellar product will have teachers rethinking their angle on astronomy!

Mother Planet
Motherplanet, Inc.,founded in 2002, focus on providing high-resolution interactive 3D digital world map solutions. By using it\'s unique image organization technology, Motherplanet combine aerial and satellite imagery, shaded relief topographic imagery and kinds of map information together to give you a total 3D view of our beautiful mother planet earth.

Chemical Formula Tutor
With Chemical Formula Tutor, learning those formulas is as easy as drag-drop. Add formulas and Configure different levels of difficulty.

Digital Frog
Use Digital Frog International's award-winning learning tools to trigger a life-long interest in the natural sciences. These computer-based learning tools use stunning graphics, videos, animations and interactive"games" to engage the interest of students. All titles are cross-curricular, multi-level and include an integrated, context-sensitive dictionary with definitions and pronunciations on almost every word.

High School Science
Meet the great men and women of science and examine the fundamentals of scientific inquiry, learn the miracle of life around us, from the creatures far beneath the sea to the tiny strands of DNA found in all living things,examine the four branches of earth science and learn the forces that shape our world and make life on earth possible - and much more! This program includes "What is Science?" Biology, Earth Science, Physics and Chemistry.

Eric Weisstein’s World of Science: A Wolfram Web Resource
Weisstein’s site features biographies and explanations of topics in mathematics, physics, astronomy, and chemistry. The information content is appropriate for advanced high school or undergraduate college course work. The Biography section can be searched by gender/minority status, branch of science, historical periods, nationality and prize winners. There are linked references and lists of referenced sources for each article. The subject area sections of the site are easily searched by divisions within the discipline.

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