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Computer Literacy and English 6-8
Computer Literacy and English 6-8 is an online Internet-based program consisting of 300+ lessons, 500+ interactive educational games, and 5,000 pages of instructional material designed to reinforce classroom academics while teaching technology literacy. The exercises reinforce what is taught in the Language Arts classroom. School computer lab directors and teachers can use the program to develop computer literate and technology savvy students.

Reading S.O.S: Strategies for Older Students
Reading S.O.S: Strategies for Older Students provides help for students to acquire and improve basic reading skills. The learning activities focus on developing and reinforcing automatic word recognition skills generally taught in grades 1 through 7. The program is intended to be part of an integrated language arts program that includes systematic work in oral language and reading comprehension, but it can also be used as a stand-alone supplement.

EasyTech (TM) Instructional System
EasyTech (TM) Instructional System is an online technology integration system that helps educators integrate technology with core curriculum. It meets the International Society of Technology in Education?s National Educational Technology Standards (ISTE?s NETS), and reinforces state core curriculum standards. The program includes four key components:Technology lessons that teach technology skills; Integration activities that extend technology skills into the classroom; Management system tools that support instruction; and Training and support, which provides ongoing resources for users.

Writing Well: The Grammar Game
Writing Well: The Grammar Game includes exercises that incorporate simple analogies, common sense approaches, and interactive games to illustrate basic English Language concepts and rules. Students have an opportunity to hone their grammar skills as they learn how to decipher sentence structure and how to identify the roles various parts of speech play.

Curriculum Pathways - English-Language Arts
Curriculum Pathways - English-Language Arts provides web-based materials that enhance teaching and learning. The resource includes interactive learning activities for students, lesson plans, and teacher-evaluated web sites, and is correlated to California standards, available within the product. American Literature topics and activities include Early American Voices, Romanticism, Realism & Naturalism, Modernism & the 20th Century, African American Literature, Asian American Literature, Latino American Literature, and Native American Literature. English Literature topics and activities include Old English, Middle English, Shakespeare, Renaissance, 17th & 18th Century, Romanticism, Victorian Era, 20th Century, and Postcolonial Literatures.

NoveList K-8
NoveList K-8 contains subject access for over 38,000 fiction titles including full-text reviews from sources like School Library Journal and Booklist for many titles, and Booktalks for selected young adult and children?s titles. Teacher resource materials include standards-based thematic units and articles that connect books by theme or main character. Users can search by author, title, series, theme, or topic. It contains genre and theme-based booklists, lists of award winning titles, and Lexile measures for many titles.

Between the Lines
Between the Lines provides eight virtual media environments in which students become the creators of web, video, sound, and print messages. It contains video, still, sound, and print elements. Students view, select, sequence, and revise these elements in order to create customized messages for specific purposes and audiences. The program includes interfaces, which allow input of student text and voices. It provides evaluation rubrics to aid in self and peer evaluation.

CAHSEE ELA is a test preparation program that provides interactive instruction in English-Language Arts topics tested on the exit-level examination. It supplies lessons on test-taking strategies, and offers practice tests in a variety of formats

HyperStudio was designed specifically for the classroom as a means for students to go beyond the typical presentation tool. The program uses student-centered learning. Students can work individually or in small groups to explore, gain knowledge, problem solve, and share their findings with their fellow classmates through a multimedia presentation.

New Century Integrated Instructional System
New Century Integrated Instructional System is designed to assess student performance in English-Language Arts strands and to prescribe individualized learning paths. The program provides curriculum for mastering Reading-Language Arts concepts aligned with state standards and the California Exit Exam. It manages and monitors student progress through the curriculum

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