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MiddleMath On-line
MiddleMath On-line provides an interactive, standards-based resource targeted to the California mathematics frameworks, standards, STAR test, and the High School Exit Exam. The program includes an assessment feature that can be used to monitor student performance and progress. Students receive feedback after two mistakes on a given problem. The program provides students with a tool for reinforcing mathematics skills and concepts at their own level and pace. It can be used as an on-grade resource for middle school and algebra students, or as a remedial resource for high school students. Practice and Review units are included so students and teachers can measure progress.

SkillsTutor Intermediate Mathematics
SkillsTutor Intermediate Mathematics focuses on skill mastery of proportion and percent, introduction to algebra, geometry, and statistics and probability. The resource helps students to become consistent in use of the fundamentals and advanced rules and processes of mathematics. Students\' work through 52 self-paced tutorials aligned to the California Academic Content Standards in Intermediate Mathematics, and access 16 quizzes and tests in a format similar to that of a standardized test.

TestU's CAHSEE Math preparation program provides interactive online instruction in Math tested on the exit-level examination. The program supplies lessons on test-taking strategies and offers practice tests in a variety of formats.

Larson's Prealgebra
Larson’s Prealgebra, a multimedia mathematics program, can be individualized to fit curriculum and student proficiency level. It contains 23 modules that review middle school math, geometry, and statistics. The program is aligned with the NCTM Standards. It contains narrated segments called See Its that provide students interactive instruction. Skill-building, problem-solving, and critical-thinking questions allow students to practice a variety of problems. It includes assessment tools for teachers.

Math @ Work: Newspapers/Sports: Digital Deadlines
Math @ Work: Newspapers/Sports: Digital Deadlines provides an overview of how editors, reporters, copy editors, and advertising managers use math during newspaper production. The program features five newspaper staffers at the Dayton Daily News, who give students a behind-the-scenes video tour of what it takes to produce a newspaper section. It shows the impact of the deadline on newspaper production; the business of newspaper production; how a newspaper gets its revenues; how editors establish budgets; how newspaper advertisements are sized, priced, and sold; how reporters use math and statistics in reporting and writing stories; why photographs often have to be resized to fit on a newspaper page; and how a newspaper uses research statistics to deliver what readers want to read.

NCTM Illuminations Mathlets
NCTM Illuminations Mathlets are math applets (electronic tools) that students can use to explore math and teachers can use to create interactive lessons.

Nudibranch Learning Adding Numbers
Store scores, calculate averages, assign Nudibranch Learning Adding Numbers just for kids is a educational program based around the marine world. There are 10 sections to this program. You can download them all for just $15US. The programs use a speech engine to guide you through. The speech engines can be found on the web site. You can even download different languages. Its called Nudibranch learning because Nudi\'s are one of the smallest, yet cutest animals under the water. Nudi\'s are so different to what people usualy expect to see in the ocean, just like this software is so different. Collect all 10 topics, ABC, Counting, Adding, Divide, Subtract, Spelling, Round Clocks, Digital Clocks, Times Tables, Multiply. Each of the 10 topic programs once installed gives you 2 trial uses. Then you need to register. The one key you are sent will unlock all 10 programs.

Zoomer's Math Games
Zoomer\'s Math Games is an intuitive and easy-to-use program, designed to teach children ages 8 and up a variety of math skills, from addition, subtraction, multiplication, through place value, mental math, estimating and probability, to strategic thinking, problem solving and reading. This collection of five math games offer an outstanding educational value, providing practice in basic skills needed for success in our complex world, while providing a fun way to learn those skills.

This site is dedicated KIDware offers a wide variety of educational software for children and programming tutorials for both kids and adults.

Math Help Now
Math Help Now - Get math help now with math software, math workbooks, math dvd\'s and other math learning aids.

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