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  Teaching Resources: English and Language Arts

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My Reading Coach
My Reading Coach provides self-paced, individualized reading instruction using a phonics-based program. The program includes 47 interactive lessons followed by practice activities presented by the virtual teacher, Jim Larrabee, a reading teacher and speech pathologist. The lessons cover sounds, rules, syllabication, correct pronunciation and letter formation; activities include remediation. Assessments identify gaps in student knowledge and the program allows the student to learn and practice reading skills.

Read Naturally SE
Read Naturally SE combines three research-proven strategies to develop the reading fluency of special education, ELL, Title I, and mainstream students: teacher modeling, repeated reading, and progress monitoring. The program automatically leads students through each step of the strategy. It allows tracking of the progress of individual students and of groups of students through sequenced levels that include 24 high-interest, non-fiction stories.

BrainPOP English provides explanations and demonstrations of language arts concepts through 2-4 minute animated movies. The movies use real-world examples to simplify abstract concepts and make them applicable to everyday life. The program can be used to introduce topics and give an overview, to review topics, as a break from text-based learning, and as an integrated part of text-based learning. Each movie begins with an interactive quiz that can be repeated for reinforcement.

Eight Parts of Speech
Eight Parts of Speech introduces students to the noun, pronoun, verb, adjective, adverb, preposition, conjunction, and interjection. It explains that learning the eight parts of speech helps people to know the function of words and how they are joined together to make coherent sentences. The video shows that depending on its use the same word can represent a different part of speech.

ImageBlender helps students find images to use in multimedia projects and web pages. Users can crop an image, add a beveled edge or drop shadow, or paint a quick border. The program uses an assortment of intuitive graphic effects and paint tools. It has a storybook-maker option and HTML slide show feature.

Clicker 4
Clicker 4 is a writing and presentation tool for children to use as they learn to read and write. The program was designed by teachers to stimulate reluctant readers and writers. It combines a talking word processor with multimedia presentation functions, supports special needs students, and provides technology assistance. Students can write with whole words or pictures. The program comes with 1,000 education related graphics, sounds, and ready-made templates. The templates can be used by the teacher to create custom lessons, or by the student for reading and writing assignments, or multimedia presentations.

Inspiration is a visual learning tool that provides students with means to develop ideas and organize thinking. The program includes integrated diagramming and outlining environments to organize and comprehend concepts and information. The resource can be used across the curriculum for brainstorming, planning, organizing, and to create outlines and graphical organizers

Ellis Academic 3.0
A complete, enhanced solution for teaching and learning the English language. With over 1,300 hours of instruction, ELLIS Academic 3.0 combines digital audio and video, voice recording, Role- play, and native language support to create an engaging, research-based environment for every level of English language training.

SkillsTutor English-Language Arts
SkillsTutor English-Language Arts provides opportunities for students to study and practice fundamentals of English, Reading, and Writing. The focus is in on skill mastery of spelling, vocabulary building and word knowledge, language mechanics and usage, clear writing and sentence structure, and reading comprehension. Student's work through 97 self-paced tutorials aligned to the California Academic Content Standards in English and Language concepts and 31 quizzes and tests in a format similar to that of a standardized test.

Computer Literacy and English 6-8
Computer Literacy and English 6-8 is an online Internet-based program consisting of 300+ lessons, 500+ interactive educational games, and 5,000 pages of instructional material designed to reinforce classroom academics while teaching technology literacy. The exercises reinforce what is taught in the Language Arts classroom. School computer lab directors and teachers can use the program to develop computer literate and technology savvy students.

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