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My Reading Coach
My Reading Coach provides self-paced, individualized reading instruction using a phonics-based program. The program includes 47 interactive lessons followed by practice activities presented by the virtual teacher, Jim Larrabee, a reading teacher and speech pathologist. The lessons cover sounds, rules, syllabication, correct pronunciation and letter formation; activities include remediation. Assessments identify gaps in student knowledge and the program allows the student to learn and practice reading skills.

Pair-It Books CD-ROM: Exploring Fiction and Nonfiction, Early Fluency Stage 3
Pair-It Books CD-ROM: Exploring Fiction and Nonfiction, Early Fluency Stage 3 allows emergent readers to explore topics of pets, lions, storms, and spiders. Each topic is supported by two Pair-It Book titles, one-fiction and one-nonfiction. Students read and interact with the books onscreen, and complete a variety of activities. The program includes eight onscreen books to read, eight reading skill activities, creative projects, and a database of supporting graphics. The database images are accompanied by a narrated text. Children can assemble database images to create personalized multimedia books.

Pair-It Books CD-ROM: Exploring Fiction and Nonfiction, Fluency Stage 4
Pair-It Books CD-ROM: Exploring Fiction and Nonfiction, Fluency Stage 4 allows fluent readers to explore topics of prairies, inventors, wild animals, and deserts. Excerpts from two Pair-It Book titles, one fiction and one-nonfiction support each topic. The excerpts, presented onscreen, introduce and support each book's chapters. Students read and interact with the book passages onscreen, and complete a variety of activities that help develop fluent reading skills, extend vocabulary, and keep readers interested. Students' onscreen work can culminate in the creation of personalized multimedia books.

Read, Write & Type Learning System
Read, Write & Type Learning System is a 40-level supplementary curriculum that stresses phonics skills and introduces students to the 40 speech sounds in the English language. It associates each phoneme with a letter or combination of letters and a finger stroke on the keyboard. The 40 lessons ask students to sound-out and spell hundreds of words, phrases, and stories. The program includes phonics, reading, writing, spelling, word processing, and typing.

Read Naturally SE
Read Naturally SE combines three research-proven strategies to develop the reading fluency of special education, ELL, Title I, and mainstream students: teacher modeling, repeated reading, and progress monitoring. The program automatically leads students through each step of the strategy. It allows tracking of the progress of individual students and of groups of students through sequenced levels that include 24 high-interest, non-fiction stories.

Soliloquy Reading Assistant
Soliloquy Reading Assistant is a reading tutor that presents stories and graphics on the screen of a desktop or laptop computer and, by means of speech recognition-based technology, assesses, guides, and responds to students in real-time as they read aloud. Students practice oral reading independently. The program works as a classroom reading aide: listening and providing appropriate guidance and feedback as the student reads aloud. The program provides intervention when the student struggles and gives help with pronunciations and word meanings. It tracks what and how much a student has read, monitoring progress over time for review and positive reinforcement

Three Little Pigs
The Three Little Pigs, one of ten programs in the Once Upon a Time series, adds modern technological features to this familiar folk tale. Students will see mountain bikes and computers in the story and hear mention of faxes and the Internet. A captioned song summarizes the story

The Grammar program provides practice in the basic English skills of punctuation, sentence structure, and language usage. It includes 230 activities built around 60 rules of grammar. The program is divided into ten modules: Nouns, Plurals, Sentences, Articles, Adjectives, Pronouns, Verbs, Adverbs, Capitalization, and Punctuation.

Professor Eggword's Discovery
Professor Eggword's Discovery is a vocabulary development and spelling program that introduces students to 5,000 words and definitions. The program consists of two games, a spelling game and a vocabulary game. The games are composed of a variety of methods for introducing and reinforcing spelling skills and vocabulary development.

Read and Speak English
Read and Speak English is designed to help non-English speakers enter the American school system irrespective of their language background. The program uses an interactive multimedia approach to present Reading, Spelling, Vocabulary (about 2000 words, phrases, and sentences), Pronunciation, Phonetics, Phonetic Rules, and Handwriting. It covers material taught in most Kindergarten, first, and second grades; and some taught in third and fourth grades

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