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Groovin' Gourmet
Groovin' Gourmet is a mathematical game with 80 levels of difficulty. As students play the games they explore adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing whole numbers, fractions, and mixed numbers; converting fractions and mixed numbers into decimals; reducing fractions; and calculating the volume and surface area of various objects.

ClassWorks Gold Edition 2
ClassWorks Gold Edition 2 is an instructional management and delivery system that provides curriculum materials in Mathematics for grades Kindergarten through eighth grade. The program is an objectives-based scope and sequence that includes learning objectives correlated to California state standards, benchmarks, standardized tests, and basal textbook programs. The program's set of tools allows teachers and administrators to manage, assess, and customize student-learning experiences.

BoxerMath: Complete Curriculum
BoxerMath: Complete Curriculum includes two courses, Fundamental Math and Secondary Math. Fundamental Math provides coursework for grades 3-5. Secondary Math offers four programs for grades 6-12, including Introductory Algebra (Pre-Algebra), Intermediate Algebra (Algebra I & II), Geometry, and Trigonometry. The courses are interactive, and include practice problems, tests, and enrichment activities. The program includes the Museum for exploring the connections between mathematics and other disciplines; Newton?s Workshop for cross-curricular experiments and interactive tools for investigating math; and Point of Reference, a cross-linked, illustrated glossary of math terms

Get Ahead Math: Grade 3
Get Ahead Math: Grade 3 is an interactive software program that allows students to practice and master basic math skills in the classroom, computer lab, or their home. The program includes seven key concepts that are standards-based and reinforce key math concepts that students need to master in order to move to the next grade level. The material is presented in sequential learning steps, a cycle that covers three different learning modalities: visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. Students work through the concepts using each modality as they watch video tutorials, work through step-by-step examples, practice on the worksheets, and take a quiz and final test.

Quarter Mile Math: Level 2
Quarter Mile Math: Level 2 is designed to motivate students to do the most amount of math practice in the shortest period of time on a focused topic. The program's format is self-competitive, detects the smallest improvements, and gives positive reinforcement. It is designed to be non-intimidating, non-age-specific, appropriate for both genders, and effective for students with special needs and for accelerated students.

Thinkology: Vol. 2, Accuracy
This software resource provides introductory information, concept or skill development, practice, and assessment in Mathematics specifically in the area of number sense, measurement and geometry, and statistics, data analysis and probability for K-3 grade students who are at grade-level, below grade level, English Language Development, reading two or more years below grade level, in a small group, individual user, or large group situation.

IntelliMathics is an interactive problem-solving tool for on-screen math manipulatives. It can be used to teach and reinforce specific math skills. The program can be an authoring tool for teachers who wish to design math activities for their students, and used as an open-ended tool in a variety of ways

The Math Adventures with Leon the Chameleon
The Math Adventures with Leon the Chameleon features an animated character that guides students through various levels of addition and subtraction problems. Three adventures are currently posted: Fortress at Frog Island, Arctic Meltdown, and The Great Train Froggery. An open-ended math activity allows students to make up their own problems.

Mathematics K-7
Mathematics K-7, electronic Teaching Assistance Program, is used in three ways: as a course of instruction for teachers, as supplementary tutorials and practice exercises for students, and as a parent guide for grades K-7 mathematics. The program's content can be accessed for free use on the Internet.

Mindway provides challenges for students in a midway format. Activities include Venn diagrams and sorting; fraction and decimal concepts; probability, chance, and data graphs; place value; estimation; divisibility, inequalities; grids and directions; balancing mass; and numeric and geometric pattern recognition.

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