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  Teaching Resources: English and Language Arts

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Paragraph Punch
Paragraph Punch provides help to students as they develop their paragraph writing skills. Students choose from a menu of topics, develop an idea, and write their own topic sentence, body, and conclusion. The program prompts guide students step by step through pre-writing, writing, organizing, editing, rewriting, and publishing. The completed paragraphs can be transferred to discs or to a word processing program.

Essay Punch
Essay Punch provides students who are already familiar with writing a paragraph with help as they begin to write short essays. It shows that the goal of expository writing is to persuade, inform, or describe. The program helps students improve their writing as they learn these techniques; and follow the writing process of prewriting, outlining, organizing, editing, rewriting, and publishing.

Business Letter Punch
Business Letter Punch is writing-improvement software to help students build written communication skills to advance their careers. The program guides students step-by-step, from pre-writing to publishing. Students can transfer their completed work to their own disks or to a word processing program. Teachers can monitor student progress in the record management system.

Vocabulary Stretch
Vocabulary Stretch helps students build vocabulary, recognize words in different contexts and understand where many English words come from.

Vocabulary Fitness
Vocabulary Fitness helps students master commonly confused and misused words. Designed for students in U.S. grades 4 through 9 (ages 9 and up), also appropriate for English language learners and older students.

Grammar Fitness for Upper Grades
Grammar Fitness for Upper Grades helps students cope with many troublesome points of grammar, including agreement of subject and verb, dangling modifiers, split constructions, shifts in voice, and faulty paralleslism.

Developing Critical Thinking Skills
Developing Critical Thinking Skills helps students sharpen their critical thinking skills and develop their ability to make inferences. Text topics range from history and culture, to nature and schience, to famous personalities and unusual facts.

Write it Right
Write it Right helps students view and correct common problems in writing. Students learn to correct common problems in writing such as faulty sentence structure, unclear meaning, misplaced modifiers, and grammatical shifts. Designed for students in U.S. grades 6 through 11 (ages 11 and up), the software can also be used by English language learners and adult students.

K-12 English/Language Arts
K-12 English/Language Arts, an electronic Teaching Assistance Program or eTAP, can be used in three ways: as a course of instruction for teachers, as supplementary tutorials and practice exercises for students, and as a parents' guide. All content can be accessed for free use on the Internet. The topics are aligned with the California Content Standards.

ImageBlender helps students find images to use in multimedia projects and web pages. Users can crop an image, add a beveled edge or drop shadow, or paint a quick border. The program uses an assortment of intuitive graphic effects and paint tools. It has a storybook-maker option and HTML slide show feature.

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