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Pre-Algebra Shape Up
Pre-Algebra Shape-Up helps students master specific pre-algebra skills while providing teachers with measurable results. The program covers pre-algebra concepts including fractions, decimals and percents, line and bar graphs, pie charts, and an introduction to equations.

Basic Algebra Shape Up Set 1
Basic Algebra Shape-Up Set 2 provides help to students as they master specific basic algebra skills and provides teachers with measurable results. The program covers concepts including

Basic Algebra Shape Up Set 2
Basic Algebra Shape-Up Set 2 provides help to students as they master specific basic algebra skills and provides teachers with measurable results. The program covers concepts including working with integers,algebraic expressions and equations, and solving multi-step equations.

Mathematics Intermediate Skills Curriculum
A component of the 2004 Intermediate Skills Pack, the Mathematics Intermediate curriculum covers mid-level competencies necessary to improve students skills while providing teachers with measurable results. Contents include multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, percents, word problems, algebraic concepts, equations and graphs.

Word Problem Shape-Up Series
Word problem Shape-Up Series contains sets 1, 2 and 3. This Program helps students interpret key words and solve word problems and provides teachers with measurable results.Each problem is divided into individual steps:finding correct numbers to use, finding the words that tell what to do with those numbers, and finding the solution. Contents include whole numbers,decimals, fractions,percents and multi-operations. Each set contains 180 problems and 900 questions.

BrainPOP contains Math movies that correspond to the NCTM Standards. Each subject includes a 3-4 minute Animated Movie, an Interactive Quiz, an Experiment, a Comic Strip, a How-to hands-on application, a Timeline, and a printable Activity Page. The movies provide an explanation and demonstration of math concepts and use characters, accessible language, visuals, and real-world examples.

ClassWorks Gold Edition 2
ClassWorks Gold Edition 2 is an instructional management and delivery system that provides curriculum materials in Mathematics for grades Kindergarten through eighth grade. The program is an objectives-based scope and sequence that includes learning objectives correlated to California state standards, benchmarks, standardized tests, and basal textbook programs. The program's set of tools allows teachers and administrators to manage, assess, and customize student-learning experiences.

BoxerMath: Complete Curriculum
BoxerMath: Complete Curriculum includes two courses, Fundamental Math and Secondary Math. Fundamental Math provides coursework for grades 3-5. Secondary Math offers four programs for grades 6-12, including Introductory Algebra (Pre-Algebra), Intermediate Algebra (Algebra I & II), Geometry, and Trigonometry. The courses are interactive, and include practice problems, tests, and enrichment activities. The program includes the Museum for exploring the connections between mathematics and other disciplines; Newton?s Workshop for cross-curricular experiments and interactive tools for investigating math; and Point of Reference, a cross-linked, illustrated glossary of math terms

Quarter Mile Math: Level 2
Quarter Mile Math: Level 2 is designed to motivate students to do the most amount of math practice in the shortest period of time on a focused topic. The program's format is self-competitive, detects the smallest improvements, and gives positive reinforcement. It is designed to be non-intimidating, non-age-specific, appropriate for both genders, and effective for students with special needs and for accelerated students.

Mathematics K-7
Mathematics K-7, electronic Teaching Assistance Program, is used in three ways: as a course of instruction for teachers, as supplementary tutorials and practice exercises for students, and as a parent guide for grades K-7 mathematics. The program's content can be accessed for free use on the Internet.

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